The Art and Science of Intentional Movement   


The Alexander Technique as a core focus for the following:

Thursday, January 2nd: The Posture of Consciousness

Alexander Technique principles meet Iron Shirt Qigong standing postures. I will begin this course with a brief discussion of “the 10,000 things”. Then we'll explore the standing postures such as 'Holding the Golden Urn’ and 'Embracing the Tree'. These standing poses help in finding flow along the front line and back lines of the body and strengthens our earth-human-sky vertical consciousness as relationship

Wednesday, January 8th: Thirteen Points of Power

This course provides an introduction into our energetic anatomy with a focus on a specially designed matrix in which to discover intentional movement and interactions. Many people find this to be a more efficient way to come into better 'posture' simply because you aren't using your muscles for lining up your physical body. You are tapping into the intelligence of your energetic system which is innately connected and informative to the physical body.

Wednesday, January 15th: Tai Chi

Tai Chi provides a patterned sequence for conscious flow of energy and movement.  In this class we will practice the 1st section of the tai chi long form as a way to explore Alexander principles.

You may take 1, 2 or all 3 classes! Plenty of time for hands-on practice!!

 Three 2 hour classes:
Thursday, January 2nd and 

Wednesdays,  January 8th and 15th

11:00am to 1:00pm
11 Bow Street, Somerville Ma
2nd floor above the Bloc 11 Cafe.
(the stairs are on the exterior of the building)

Fee for all three weeks: $125
Fee per class: $45


Winter Break Classes

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Payment Options

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These two hour classes are held at the Universal Tao Studio at 11 Bow Street in Somerville. The studio is above the Bloc 11 Cafe. You will see an exterior staircase - come on up! The classes are held on 

Thursday, January 2nd and Wednesdays,  January 8th and 15th

from 11 am to 1pm

Please Contact Me if you are coming

There will be plenty of time for hands on practice!

See you in class!

Universal Tao Studio

11 Bow Street, Somerville, Massachusetts 02143, United States

(617) 290-7102

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